Get Fit Tri-State offers tips to live a healthier life

For 13 weeks now, 14 News has been providing some simple ideas to get you fit. Some more difficult than others, from eliminating soda for a week, to learning to sleep better.

All the pledges were designed by Deaconess nutrition and wellness specialists to get you on the road to a healthier life.

Get Fit began as a way to get wellness information to you, especially after Evansville got the dubious distinction has the most obese city in the country.

Eliminating soft drinks for a week was pledge number one.

Soda has empty calories providing no vitamins, or minerals. They also contain sugar. If you drink anything but a diet, it would help your weight and your health to cut them out.

Pledge number two was to eliminate fried foods. Fried foods are high in fat.

Our bodies need fat, but a limited amount. If you eat a lot of fried foods, you are setting yourself up the experts say for problems, like heart disease.

Also, eat healthier at restaurants. According to the latest statistics, Americans are eating 40 percent of their meals at restaurants and fast food joints.

If that's you, this Get Fit pledge might require a little planning.

"Most restaurants have a website where you can go and find your nutrition facts," says Staci Hodges with Deaconess.

Staci says the biggest problem with eating out, is you have no control over your food, and most restaurant food is high in fat, sodium and sugar.

Finally, make sure to get enough rest.

Sleep is important because chronic insufficient sleep can up your odds of diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease and weight gain.

Thursday on 14 News at 4, Ann Komis takes a look at the other Get Fit pledges including why you should include more fruits and vegetables and fiber in your diet.

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