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GFI Needs Volunteers For Anthrax Vaccine Testing

Reporter: Stefanie Silvey

New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

GFI Research Center tests healthy men and women, looks at their blood work in the lab, and determines if they qualify to take the vaccine.

Once selected, those patients will make 15 outpatient visits over a seven-month period.

Dr. Randall Stolz likens the new anthrax vaccine to a tetnus shot, and says its far different from the current anthrax vaccine. "The new vaccine is different because it is a recombinent vaccine, kind of like the hepatitis B vaccine, that your child may recieve. It's supposed to be safer, has less side effects and better tolerated, and hopefully a two vaccine series as opposed to the old series that was a six series."

GFI is looking for healthy men and women between 18- and 40-years-old, with a healthy body weight.

Volunteers receive up to $2000 upon study completion.

Those interested can call 1-800-552-4GFI, or locally at 479-4GFI.

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