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IPad2 vs. Kindle Fire: Which one would you buy?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -- The hottest selling tablet of the holiday season may not be Apple's IPad2. According to experts, another tablet is giving the fan favorite a run for its money.

The Kindle Fire. For less than $200, it's a steal compared to the pricey Ipad2 which will run you nearly $500.

Eric Lewis was shopping for a Kindle Fire for his wife at the Best Buy near Northlake Mall Friday night.

"I think this would fit our budget a lot better, plus it would fit what she wants out of her experience for reading," he said. "We researched it some online so it's definitely what we want to get."

Comea Walthall, a supervisor at Best Buy, has become somewhat of an expert on the newest Kindle since its debut.

"So you got a lot of power behind a very good entry price point device," she said.

She also said you'd be surprised how similar the Kindle Fire it is to the Ipad2.

"If you're just wanting to stream some NetFlix, if you're just wanting surf the Internet send some emails," said Walthall. "No problem."

But there are some differences. The major ones include the layout. You can personalize the home screen on the IPad2 more than you can the Kindle Fire.

The new Kindle is also Android based for apps while you use the Apple Market for the Ipad2 and the 3G network is available on Ipad models only.

Still looking to go for the Ipad? Walthall says it's easy to use, faster and for all ages.

"I mean, my grandmother is 73 and rocks the Ipad like a professional," she pointed out.

Best Buy told WBTV the Kindle Fire has been flying off the shelves but they have plenty in stock.

You can also get it online with Amazon.

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