Dining Out Heart Style

Believe it or not you can go out, eat, and limit your fat intake at the same time.

Tips for the First Course

  • Bread is okay, but skip the butter or use it sparingly.
  • Have fresh fruits or vegetables.
  • Seafood cocktails are a good choice.


  • When ordering a salad leave off the olives, cheese, and bacon.
  • Always order salad dressing on the side.
  • Skip the complimentary crackers, instead ask for a piece of bread or toast.


  • Choose low-fat meats, such as fish, chicken, or vegetarian dishes.
  • Ask the chef to broil, boil, or grill whenever possible.
  • Go easy on fried foods, heavy sauces, and gravy.
  • Request your food be sautéed in white wine and lemon juice.


-          Buttery food or food prepared in butter sauce

-          Sauteed, fried, or braised food

-          Hollandaise, creamed or food in its own gravy

-          Au Gratin, parmesan and scalloped foods

-          Pot pie, hash, or food marinated in oil

Vegetables are a good choice.  Be sure to have them steamed and leave off the butter.  Bring some Butterbuds for flavor or spice of choice.


  • Sorbet, ice milk, or yogurt
  • Cup of cappuccino
  • Fresh fruit
  • Remember, chocolate is loaded with fat.

Chinese Restaurants

  • Stir-fried dishes are usually cooked in oil or lard.  Ask the cook to stir-fry in water.
  • Steamed white rice is okay.  Avoid fried rice.

Mexican Restaurants

  • Most dishes are cooked using lard, meat, and cheeses.
  • Corn tortillas are better than flour tortillas.
  • Avoid refried beans.

Additional Dinning Tips

  • On days you know you will be eating out, take extra care to ensure that your meals at home are low in fat.
  • Go easy on the alcohol.  Alcohol can inhibit you from filling full. Limit yourself to one drink.
  • Caffeine is a stimulant; it can make you even hungrier.  Have water or skim milk instead of soft drinks and coffee.
  • Ask your waiter how your food is prepared and specify how your food should be prepared.
  • Ask about portion sizes.  If it is large, eat half and take the other half home for lunch the next day or ask if ½ sizes are available.
  • Approach buffets and salad bars with caution.  Survey the whole buffet before selecting.  An entrée may be a wiser choice.
  • Choose broth-based and vegetable soups in place of cream soups.
  • In Italian restaurants, choose Marinara sauces instead of Alfredo sauces.