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DB Cooper case to close for good?

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A woman gave evidence to the FBI that may close the books on one of the greatest crime mysteries of the 1970s.

The possible final chapter in the saga of the DB Cooper plane hijacking may be closed for good.

Marla Cooper was just eight when she says her Uncle Cooper pulled up to the family home and sister's badly injured. It was Thanksgiving, the night after the 1971 hijacking of a Portland to Seattle flight.

Her father told her to never speak of what she saw and heard, but last year she took her story to the FBI, along with some of her uncle's personal items.

Two days ago, she claims the agent in charge of the case told her they hoped to match fingerprints from her uncle's toothbrush to prints discovered on the hijacked 727, but that either way, the case was about to close.

Marla says, "Regardless of the findings of the fingerprints, they would be closing the case after this. He said, i am certain your uncle did it. I feel certain that your uncle did it. And that, what's the point in continuing the investigation?"

FBI officials admit they're testing personal items from DB Cooper, but say the case is not closed, and won't comment on the future of the case.

Marla says her uncle was obsessed with a comic book character named Dan Cooper, which was the name of the hijacker who parachuted with $200,000 ransom cash on a rainy night over southwest Washington.

She believes he lost all that cash on the way down.

If DB's fingerprints do match what was found on the hijacked plane, it would finally solve one of the northwest's greatest crime mysteries.

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