Weathering The Ice Storm Power Outtages

Reporter: Rhanda Stewart

New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

Power is still out for some in the tri-state. At the Lloyd and Highway 41, two traffic lights were out most of the day. Power was just restored a few hours ago.

Thousands of homes were also without electricity Monday, because of the ice storm. The lights are back on here at this apartment complex on Green River and Bellemeade but they have been without power since around 1:00 a.m. And they aren't alone, around a 100 people in Wadesville were in the dark too.

"About a quarter-after-eight this morning, the smoke alarm made a noise, and everything just went." Trina Neumann had to make sure her kids were occupied when the lights went out. Her teenagers missed the outage - they slept through it, but her youngest missed the TV and computer. So Shane and his neighbor buddies found something better to do - go sledding.

Thankfully, a few hours later Vectren crews made it to their area. Neumann says, "I thought it would be all day, but it was pretty quick." And it didn't even get too cold in her house, although she was prepared for the worst. "I try to have batteries, candles, water. It was early in the morning where we didn't need to have it. We didn't have to go to school, so it was a pretty good time if it had to happen."

Mike Roeder of Vectren says there were 2500 customers in the same situation on Sunday, and 12,000 east siders were without power overnight, but that was taken care of before most people woke up.

On Monday morning, only around 200 customers were left in the dark. Roeder says, "All and all we're pretty lucky really."

Vectren says most customers should have power at this time. There could be a few customers in rural areas without it, but they say everything should be taken care of by now.

If you are without power, they say not to assume that it has been reported, and to give them a call.