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Crabtree family share son's story after suicide

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Almost a month after their son took his life, the Crabtree family is ready to share their story.

The Crabtree family says their son, Shay, faced constant bullying in high school.

"There was just a lot of things that happened during the course of last year's basketball season that lead up to him quitting the team. Older kids would kick him, hit him. After the incident last year, we were told that bullying policies would be put into place," said Shay's father Bryan.

Bryan and Lori Crabtree say their son, who was 6'6" and 220 pounds, wouldn't retaliate for fear of getting in trouble at school.

"He said if I do that, I won't be able to play in the game."

On November 2nd, the Crabtree's found their son's body in the garage. He had committed suicide.

Over two weeks later, one of the Crabtree families' other sons went into the garage to search for answers. He found a note that was allegedly from Shay.

"My son's letter proves it's not a boyfriend-girlfriend thing. He names people that were constantly bothering him," said Lori.

Shay's dad, Bryan, says bullying needs to stop before this happens to someone else.

"I just think that bullying in our school system has gotten way out of control. We know of other instances of kids still getting bullied, and we don't want the fate of those kids to end up the same way as our son."

Shay's best friend, Bubby Carter, says he too was bullied at school.

"People would walk by and say stuff about hazing last year."

The McLean County superintendent did not return phone calls made by 14 News.

The McLean Co. Sheriff's office tells 14 News that they do not believe this to be a case of bullying.

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