Hazardous Weather Sunday

New Media Producer: Brad Maglinger

Update, Sunday, 9:07 pm: Road crews will be working throughout the night to make your morning commute safer. That includes state, county, and city crews.

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Update, 7:00 p.m: Road crews advise that you avoid driving if at all possible, even the slush can be dangerous. They say they've had many slide offs - including their own vehicles.

Update, 2pm: Road conditions are improving slightly as crews begin to get the upper hand on the ice on the main roads. However, all side roads remain extremely slippery. The ice storm warning has been extended until 6pm Sunday.

Storm Team meteorologist Chad Sewich says we can expect up to 3/4 of an inch of ice before the storm moves out.

These conditions could extend into Monday. Tune to Newswatch at 5 and 10 Sunday, and come back to this site for updates as they become available.

Update, 10:45am: There are reports of power outtages now. Power has been out in a large part of Paradise, Indiana for about two hours. Evansville dispatch reports a power outtage along Burkhardt Road.

Update, 9:30am: Knox County has decalred a state of emergency. Emergency traffic only.

Update, 9:15am: Perry County has declared a state of emergency. Emergency vehicle traffic only is allowed on county roads.

Reports from Madisonville indcate up to an inch of ice has already developed. Conditions are extremely hazardous.

Indiana 231 is closed south of Huntingburg near Southridge High School due to an overturned truck carrying hydrochloric acid. There's no word on when that will be opened. There are no reports at this time of evacuations caused by the accident.

Update, 9am Sunday: Spencer County Commissioners have declared a state of emergency due to the ice storm. Spencer County roads are closed to the public until weather conditions improve.

Vanderburgh County and Posey County dispatch agencies advise absolutely no travel. Do not venture outside unless it's an emergency. All roads and sidewalks are ice covered. Additonal accumlations of ice could cause downed trees and power lines.

Update, 8:30 Sunday: Traffic conditions continue to worsen. Police agencies have temporarily closed portions of streets and roads in order to clean up accidents on certain treacherous stretches. The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department advises no travel Sunday morning.

Update, 8am Sunday: Freezing rain has dumped a coat of ice over the Tri-state Sunday morning. All roads are extremely slick and hazardous. There are dozens of accidents involving people who have tried to drive Sunday morning.

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department is advising no travel Sunday morning.

Storm Team meteorologist Kami Boyd says we will see 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice before this passes. There is an ice storm warning until 2pm CST.

Virtually all church services have been cancelled. Call ahead before you leave home.

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Earlier: An ice storm warning is in effect for much of the Tri-state overnight and through Sunday afternoon.

Meteorologist Chad Sewich says beginning around 2:00 am Sunday morning the Evansville area could see up to a half inch of ice accumulation. Lows around 30 with a high Sunday in the mid to upper 30's.

Areas around Madisonville are under a freezing rain advisory.

Vincennes, Indiana and the surrounding area are under a winter storm warning and can expect up to four inches of snow accumulation.

Roads are expected to become very hazardous overnight for the Evansville area and northern portions of the Tri-state.