Coming up, holiday travel is up; KSP warns of fatigued driving

Coming up, holiday travel is up; KSP warns of fatigued driving

Coming up, holiday travel is up on the roads and at the airports. Laura Forbes will have the latest on the Thanksgiving rush.

Plus, as many are preparing for the holiday, sleep sometimes takes a back burner to preparation. Kentucky State Police want to warn drivers just how dangerous driving without sleep can be. At 6,  Jasmin Embers will talk with KSP about what they're doing this holiday season to prevent some of the accidents that happen every year due to fatigued driving.

The Owensboro Police Department says they are looking for a middle-aged man who has reportedly been posing as either a utility worker or a member of a charitable organization in order to rob homes. Dave Kirk will have the story at 6.

After a fire at the old Emge Plant in Gibson County, the EPA put nearly a half million dollars of tax money into clean up for the environmental hazards around the building. Officials in Fort Branch say the owner is now selling scrap metal out of the building. Residents are angry the owner is making money off a building they helped clean up. Araceli Thiele will be live in Gibson County with the story at 5.

Santa's letter-writing elves will soon be busy answering mail in Santa Claus, Indiana. A group of volunteers will begin answering up to 30,000 letters for the Christmas season. Erin Meyer will have more about the process at 5.

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