Coming up, holiday homecoming for a military mom

Coming up, holiday homecoming for a military mom

Coming up on 14News, there was a holiday homecoming for a military mom and her daughter at the Evansville Regional Airport this morning. Her daughter's elementary school class was also present. We'll hear from the family, coming up on 14News at 6. You won't want to miss this heartwarming story.

With just two days before Thanksgiving Day, crews are busy at Evansville's Ford Center setting up for the 7878th annual Hadi Shrine Circus, which will hold its first performance Thursday afternoon. With a new venue for the Tri-State tradition, Erin Meyer will bust some rumors that have been circling.

Parents are alarmed that one Kentucky county allows students with nits, which are lice eggs, to attend school. The school board adopted a new policy in the spring and say they have worked hard with the health department to make sure this was a good decision. Brett Hoffland spoke with school board officials and parents today about the topic and will have the story first thing on 14News at 5.

With a 23% veteran unemployment rate in the state of Indiana, the new "Vow to Hire Heroes" Act is aimed to employ more veterans by allowing businesses that hire them tax breaks. Nicole Niziolek will talk with a veteran business owner at 5.

The Salvation Army of Owensboro is helping more families than ever put food on the table this Thanksgiving. Coming up, we'll hear from officials and social workers about what they're doing to help the areas they serve.

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