GET FIT: Holiday party survival guide

Thanksgiving is a week away now.

Planning your meal to include family favorites and low fat, low sugar meals can be trying, but it can be done, as Ann showed you on Monday.

You next challenge is to survive a holiday party, without breaking your Get Fit pledges.

Those parties are the toughest. You're standing by the buffet, talking, and without even thinking, you are eating.

And likely foods that aren't necessarily low fat, or low calorie.

Here are some holiday party survival tips:

  1. Survey the buffet before filling your plate and the items you enjoy the most. Sample those, rather than filling up your plate.
  2. Instead of trying a lot of items, fill your plate mostly with vegetables, then select a few others.
  3. Ask yourself if you really like the food you are selecting. If the answer is, 'it's okay,' move on.
  4. Then ask, 'is this as good as I thought it would be?' If not, move on.
  5. Eat a small meal before you get to the party buffet line.
  6. Alcohol increases your appetite and contributes to your calories. So make the first drink at a party low calorie, maybe you won't even want that high calorie alcoholic drink.
  7. Find a spot away from the buffet and concentrate of conversation rather than food.
  8. Bring a healthy dish to share, like fresh fruit salad, a vegetable platter, a platter of turkey sandwiches or vegetable soup.

If you are saying to yourself right now, 'I'll never make it,' don't give up!

There's always tomorrow to redeem yourself with salads and exercise.

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