Get Fit Tri-State: Eating on the holidays

Thanksgiving dinner is just around the corner, and then comes all the holiday parties. It will take a lot of will power to survive these holidays and lost weight...or will it?

The secret to this survival is to plan. It may not be an easy pledge to make, but you can do it. Here are some ways to get the job done:

First and foremost, plan. Look for low fat recipes, and find ways to turn those family favorites into low fat, or even low sugar dishes.

"A lot of those creamy desserts can be substituted with pureed cottage cheese or plain Greek Yogurt, rather than the sour creams and mayonnaise that have a lot more fats and calories in them," says Kristen King from Deaconess.

Secondly, you know you will eat more sugar filled foods now, but even if you do, exercise could help keep the pounds off. Make sure to find time to exercise. That can be done by parking a long way from the grocery store, or by taking ten minute walks around the neighborhood. It will help you get fit, and may also help your stress level through the holiday season.

King says the main concern are all those holiday parties.

"The main issue is parties, with all those wonderful things to eat like desserts and high calorie beverages."

If you have parties to attend, take your own dish, or maybe eat good healthy food ahead of time, to fill yourself up. Drink low calorie drinks, like diet sodas, rather than regular sodas, eggnog, or high calorie alcoholic drinks.

"It's also beneficial to take a small plate. Obviously, you'll be filling it less than a larger plate," continued King.

Also, wait ten minutes before going back for seconds.

If you are traditionally loaded up with holiday gifts, tins of cookies, or loaves of bread, share them. Take half or more to work, or to your neighbor's house. If your holiday treats have you going back to the kitchen, freeze the leftovers into single servings.

Remember you are in charge of the food you eat, not the other way around. It's a fact that people who keep a food journal lost more weight than those who don't. There are online resources that can help you too, like

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