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Make your manicure last longer

You'll never guess what our tipster Zorianna Kit has come with this time: She'll show us how non-stick cooking spray can save you precious time and energy in ways you've never thought of!

"It's a handy tool in the kitchen. Non-stick cooking spray let's you lubricate your frying and baking pans without adding unnecessary amounts of oil and butter. But guess what? Its non-stick uses make it handy beyond these pans," says Zorianna.

"Let's be honest – the cheese grater is a great invention, but the clean-up leaves a lot to be desired. Waxy build-up clogs the grater, and when I go to wash it I have to be careful not to rip my sponge or my fingers! But luckily, I've found a solution."

Using non-stick cooking spray, the cheese does not get caught up in the grater and is easier to clean while lubricated.

"But my favorite use for non-stick cooking spray is something completely unrelated to food," says Zorianna. "My nails! I've discovered that spraying non-stick cooking spray on my nails helps the nail polish dry faster.  As you can see, when I run a tissue over it, my nail smears because it's not dry. The sprayed nail is not only dry, but the oils make my cuticles softer. And if you have little girls like I do who love getting their nails done, it's the easiest, quickest and safest way to get their nails dry before they're off and running!"

Non-stick cooking sprays can save you time and energy, and make things go a whole lot smoother.  And who doesn't want a little shortcut in their day?

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