Taking a Stand: Get out and vote

Tuesday is election day and after hearing from the candidates, it's finally time to hear the voice of the voter.

In Evansville, the race for mayor alone should be more than enough for a large turnout at the new voting centers.

It's some good drama.

Political maverick Rick Davis, a democrat faces Lloyd Winnecke, a republican, who has support from some prominent democrats.

You can't make that kind of drama up.

The winner will tackle some weighty issues. What to do with Roberts Stadium? Who's going to be the next police chief? How to cure a dangerous and costly meth epidemic that has been tarnishing the image of our community?

In Kentucky, there's the race for governor, which always seems to be more personal than political.

Across the Tri-State, a host of other local and state offices are up for grabs.

These are challenging times for our community and our country.

Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines, get in the game and vote. And then watch the election returns with us on 14 News.

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