Get Fit: Week 6, Get Moving!

It's week six of our Get Fit pledges and if you've been following those pledges, you are on your way to healthier lifestyle.

The first five weeks have been about the food you eat.

But this week, our focus has changed. The pledge for this week is to get 10 minutes of activity daily.

It may sound like a lot to someone who is not exercising at all but exercise specialist Kristen King says that's enough time for three or four different exercises.

But most importantly, a little step like this just might keep you from getting a variety of diseases.

So what should you do? First on Kristen's list is walking. She says you can walk indoors this winter.

The key to this week's pledge is to get up and move around.

Even if you're watching TV, get up and move around, because any activity increases your metabolism.

Tidy up the house for two hours and you could burn more than 500 calories.

When you're stopping at a traffic light, tighten those abdominal muscles, and release, as many times as you can. That simple exercise can build strength, increase power and tone muscles.

If you have a private office, you can lift weights for 10 minutes.

Try resistance training three days a week.  Resistance training involves free weights, resistance bands or even soup cans.

Although this week's pledge is just for 10 minutes daily, a 40 minute walk will really get your heart pumping.

If you can't schedule 10 minutes of exercise this week, then start Sunday with 10 push-ups, and keep adding two more each day.

Push-ups are great for upper body exercise, working a large number of muscles at one time.

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