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Muhlenberg Co. girl commits suicide at school


There was a fatal shooting on Monday outside a Western Kentucky high school. Authorities say a 17 year-old-senior committed suicide on the grounds at Muhlenberg County's West Campus High School.

After the 17-year-old student was pronounced dead by Greenville Police, the attention quickly shifted to the grieving process at the school.

Superintendent Dale Todd says, "It's tough for our student body, but we'll work through things."

Shortly after school started Monday morning, the Greenville Police Department received an alarming phone call.

GPD PIO Wesley Miller says, "We received a phone call about 8:30 this morning involving a self inflicted gun shot wound to a student there at the school in the parking lot."

Then the question of whether any other students were in danger quickly became a concern.

Miller says, "This was an isolated incident. All the other students were put in the school in a lockdown from 8:30 to about 10:30."

School Superintendent Dale Todd says once the announcement was made that the 17-year-old student had died, grieving counselors were set up in the libraries at both campuses.

Todd says a support staff is also available for faculty.

He says, "Many times we have as many adults come to the counselors as we do students"

School officials say they will investigate from a school's standpoint to learn more about the cause of this incident, but right now it's about being there for those in need.

Todd says, "Anytime you loose one of your students on campus it's a great tragedy. We just try to pick up the pieces and move forward."

Authorities say they're still investigating how the student got the gun, and what led to this.

We'll keep you posted.

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