Whirlpool Corp. to cut 5,000 jobs nationwide

Whirlpool announced Friday that 5,000 positions will be eliminated by the end of 2013.

Right now, the company is not confirming anything about the Evansville operation, but 14 News has heard from at least one worker that around 25 salaried employees here may lose their jobs.

"No one likes to hear these kinds of things, especially this time of year," says President and CEO of the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana.  "We have a tendency to make this very personal, especially obviously if somebody's losing their position. But from my position we cannot look at it from that standpoint."

Wathen says from his position, it's all about looking forward, how to attract new business instead of focusing on what's leaving.

"Certainly we would hate to lose any of those positions here, but we understand that companies need to be globally competitive and if we see a small reduction here versus a total elimination of those positions, that's probably a better position than Ft. Smith, Arkansas that's looking to lose up to 1800 positions there."

Ft. Smith Whirlpool announced Friday it will see its plant shut down by mid 2012.

In addition, the company is cutting 1200 salaried jobs.

Now, the wait is on to see how many of the 300 or so salaried Whirlpool employees left in Evansville may be out of work.

Greg says his office has heard some jobs here may end up being relocated.

Again the company not confirming anything specifically in Evansville.

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