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Safe house to be homeless vets home

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The old Evansville safe house has been vacant since 2006 and has frequently been a target for crime.

After sitting vacant for over five years, this former safe house has taken quite the beating but the EHA has a vision.

They plan to turn it into a 32 unit housing complex for homeless veterans and their families.

Rick Moore, Executive Director for the EHA tells 14 News that the work is scheduled to begin in two weeks.

But before work can begin, the crime that surrounds the structure must stop.

Evansville police spokesperson Karen Kajmowiczi says a recent bout of vandalism left so much damage that the responding officer couldn't even itemize the damage.

Ironically, police believe the damage is being caused by homeless looking for a place to stay.

"If their intentions are to renovate it and house homeless veterans, I mean what a great project but they're having to take three steps backwards because of all the damage that's being caused by homeless people moving in there," Kajmowiczi said.

But the housing authority says the recent trouble hasn't stopped plans to renovate.

"Any vacant structure invites break-ins and vandalism, Moore said. "We'll secure it during the working process and once the building is occupied, we don't foresee any kind of problems."

The building is now boarded up until work begins in a couple of weeks.

The entire project is expected to take 12-14 months.

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