Get Fit: Choose wisely at restaurants

This week's Get Fit pledge is to make better choices at the restaurant.

You likely go to the restaurant for a favorite meal or dessert.

Americans are eating 40-percent percent of their meals at restaurants and fast food joints.

That's why it is important to arm yourself with knowledge before you go out.

So Staci Hodges from Deaconess recommends you check out the nutritional values on a website or the menu.

Chances are that restaurant meal means you are going to splurge, Staci says that's okay but you might want to plan ahead of time. "You might want to eat extra healthy the rest of the day. A healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch, a light lunch, and then go splurge for your dinner."

Staci does caution that you don't want to do that every day.

That's because you have no control of what's in your food at restaurants.

Restaurant food is normally high in fat, sodium and sugar.

You can track the number of calories you take in on