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Scherm ditch project nears completion

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The Scherm ditch project in Owensboro's nearing completion. Drivers can now access Scherm from Frederica Street which has been blocked off since March.

With the barricades removed, parking lots are filling back up. It's something Beach Bunnies owner, Angie Nelson, hasn't seen in a year.

"Anytime your business is closed off from a main thoroughfare, it greatly affects it, especially closed from both directions on Scherm."

The Scherm road project's almost done, and is now in what city engineer Joe Schepers calls phase three. There's some paving left and finishing a ten-foot shared-use path.

Residents like Darell Martin say they can already tell a difference after Scherm road re-opened from South Griffith to Royal Drive.

A lot of traffic on Scherm was diverted on my street, college, and we had increased traffic."

The road is now three lanes with the city finishing work on affected homeowners' driveways. Resident Junior Corynin says this will greatly help traffic flow.

"You couldn't hardly get in and out here, it's a pretty busy street. You sit in your driveway until you have an opening."

The city has spent millions the last few years to relieve flooding from these neighborhoods by building a basin at Barron Road. Along with a wider street, Schepers says the goals to connect the Share Roads to the Greenbelt on Carter Road as well. All pluses for residents like Junior Corynin.

"That big sewer system they put in should help our flood insurance. Mine's almost a $1,000 a year."

Crews should finish phase three by May.

The city says there's also a fourth phase to the Scherm road project, which will extend to South Griffth and Mayfair in the near future.

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