Get Fit: Ditch the fried foods

This week's Get Fit Pledge is to eliminate fried foods, just for a week.

Now that likely means a few less trips to your favorite fast food restaurant because hamburgers there are likely fried.

So are french fries, potato chips, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, donuts, popcorn, potato chips, chicken or meat nuggets, onion rings, fried fish or patties, and fried seafood.

So, why eliminate fried foods?

Staci Hodges from Deaconess explains that frying food locks in the natural fat.

Fat is high in calories, so when you're consuming a lot of fat, you're consuming a lot of calories, and that causes us to gain weight.

"Our bodies need fat, but they need a limited amount of fat," Staci said.

A lot of fat in our diet can lead to health problems, like heart disease.

Instead of fried, Staci says you should look for words like baked, grilled, broiled, poached or steamed.

You can still have a hamburger with less fat, and less calories; just have it baked or broiled or grilled.

Instead of chips, fries or onion rings, have a salad or fruit or vegetable.

You'll feel just as full but full of something much better for your body.

Some experts say you'll feel more energetic without fried food in your diet.

On Thursday, Staci will show us just how much oil you should have daily, even the good oils like peanut or canola.

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