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Evansville murder suspect still unknown

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An Evansville murder suspect is still at large after a murder on Sunday. Witnesses say they heard a man pleading for his life, and then heard gunshots.

Derrick Brian Jackson, 21, was shot in the backyard of a home in the 500 block of Chandler Avenue in Evansville.

Neighbor Ronald Ritter says he witnessed a real, live nightmare.

"I heard the victim cry 'please don't kill me!'"

He says those desperate cries came from behind his own house, and says that's when shots rang out right before his eyes.

"I witnessed what was going on, I didn't say anything in fear of getting shot myself."

Evansville Police responded to the home around 2:30 p.m., and say they found Jackson lying in the backyard, unresponsive. Officers say he died a short time later.

Police immediately blocked off the street and used police dogs to track a suspect.

This recent incident is just one more in a growing list of shootings in Evansville. However, Evansville Police say this was the first shooting where someone was killed.

EPD PIO Karen Kajmowicz says that's not the only difference.

"I believe this was a personal thing and it could happen in any neighborhood, it's not a south side issue, it's a personal issue."

Kajmowicz says the shooting could be related to possible drug activity at a vacant house next door .

"It attracts that activity. It's a cover for people, they can go inside and do drugs and not be out in the public."

Kajmowicz says they already patrol the neighborhood, and since this issue was likely a personal one, they say it's hard to prevent them.

However, she says the city is taking steps to properly secure vacant homes to make sure they don't draw in drug activity.

The Vanderburgh County Coronoer says Jackson died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Evansville Police are asking for assistance from the public for any and all information that they may have. Please contact the detective's office at 436-7979.

At 7 p.m. on Monday, there will be a prayer vigil for the victim, Derrick Jackson, in the 500 block of Chandler Avenue. Anyone is encouraged to attend.

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