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FL soldier surprises daughter at spelling bee

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Skylar Johnson, 9, had no idea what was coming when she was asked to spell "sergeant" in the fourth grade spelling bee.

Teacher, "Do you know someone who's a sergeant?"

Skylar says, "Yeah, my dad."

Teacher says, "Wow, her dad is a sergeant. That's funny because we have a very special sergeant here."

Skylar hasn't seen her dad since Christmas. Dad and daughter let the tears come, just happy to be together after so many months away in Iraq.

Staff Sergeant Therron Johnson serves with Charlie Company of the 1-111th Florida National Guard.

Staff Sergeant Johnson presented the school with an American flag that flew over Iraq in Operation New Dawn.

It's all to thank the students for their support and their help because they've been planning this reunion for the last three weeks.

Skylar says she'll never forget her surprise, or how to spell sergeant. Also, it couldn't come at a better time because Monday is her tenth birthday.

Staff Sergeant Johnson has a little more than a week to spend with his family before he goes back to Iraq.

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