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EPD: Suspect arrested in case of downtown rape

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An arrest has been made in an Evansville rape case.

Police say 33-year-old Judge Merriweather is being held the Vanderburgh County Jail on a $1.5 million bond. They say he is charged with trespassing, burglary, and rape.

Police say back in August, he crawled through a woman's apartment window after cutting the screen, and raped her in her bed.

According to police records, the victim said the attacker told her quote, "If you just let me do what I'm going to do you will live through this" and "If you keep on screaming or yelling you might not make it through this."

Detectives say Merriweather was arrested in September on drug charges. Authorities say when they took a palm print from him after that arrest, it matched the palm prints found at the rape crime scene.

EPD PIO Karen Kajmowicz says, "When we do get a good print and we are able to enter it into the system and have this kind of result, it's a rare but wonderful thing."

Police say other evidence from the scene has also linked Merriweather to the crime.

Now there's an on-going investigation to find out if Merriweather, who has changed his look recently, has been involved in other rapes or crimes.

Police say these rapes known as stranger rapes are uncommon. Authorities say most of the time, victims know their attacker.

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