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EPD: Evansville teens running gang

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Clardy Clardy
Francis Francis
Robertson Robertson
Jackson Jackson

In the past week, the Evansville Police Department has made multiple arrests linked to gang activity on the south side.

Police say "L. A." in the LA Zombies gang stands for Linwood and Adams, an intersection on the south side.

Witnesses told police that Dalarrius "NuNu" Jackson, 18, John Robertson, 17, Randell "Randell-Boy" Francis, 19 and Devontae "Maine" Clardy, 16, were the four main leaders of the group. Police say they are all being charged as adults.

Police say the arrests are the result of a six-month investigation of south side gangs. Police say the south side gangs are hard to recognize since they don't wear any uniforms or display special insignia.

David Burge, 30, is in jail on battery and criminal recklessness charges, but he says he's not associated with the J Block gang. However, police reports say Burge participated in last week's drive-by shooting near Kentucky and Jefferson.

From jail, Burge tells us he was in the neighborhood visiting a friend, and didn't see the car drive by.

Burge says past criminal records may have pointed to him as a suspect in this case, but he's a father of six and wants to be home with his children.

He says, "The example is that people think I'm obviously not a very good father, but anybody who knows me, they know I dedicate my whole life to my kids."

Police say the most troubling part about the south side gang activity is the fact that innocent people are at risk.

Police say even though several gang members have been arrested, they will continue their patrols on the south-side.

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