Riverfront Crossing in Owensboro will open on Saturday

The Riverfront Crossing in Owensboro is nearly complete.

With the finishing touches added to Riverfront Crossing, city leaders say it's just a sample of what's to come.

Owensboro's Mayor Ron Payne says this crossing is the front door to downtown.

"Hopefully it will draw people into our downtown and it connects the significant pieces of our downtown."

You can walk to the center where the clock tower stands, from the events center and hotel from Second Street, or from Saint Ann Street, with views of the fountain sitting in Smothers Park.

Joe Berry with Economic Development says Riverfront Crossing is also driving great interest from private investors.

He says, "It only creates more buzz and creates more of an exciting atmosphere to downtown and that's what drives private development. "

Berry says more restaurants and shops would fit right into the area, but they still want to maintain the city's vision.

"We're really selective in who we try to recruit in downtown because this is the heart of the city and has a very niche market. "

Riverfront will serve as a gathering place for the public and future events. Smothers Park is scheduled for completion next fall.

The public grand opening of Riverfront Crossing is on Saturday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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