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LIST: 21 arrested in Posey Co. drug roundup


The largest drug raid in well over a decade occurred Friday in Posey County.

Federal, state, and local authorities arrested 21 people on drug charges.

Ninety-five officers set out on operation Heat Wave to catch 22 suspects. 

It started at 5 this morning.

Police arrested 20 drug users in the early morning hours and then an additional suspect later in the morning.

According to a release, the undercover operation started out to stem the tide of people illegally selling RX drugs.  It quickly branched out to cover meth and coke sales.

During the seven month undercover investigation, agents purchased meth, coke, marijuana and other drugs.

Friday morning, the officers made 21 arrests.  One person is still at large.

Today's arrests came with no incident.

Ruth Waller didn't know of the arrests until our cameras showed up at her doorstep.

"You don't hear much about it, that's a lot but you don't hear about drugs all the time," Waller said.

Of the 4 people Waller knows who were arrested, 3 were her cousins.

Detectives say they found an active meth lab here when trying to pick up drug dealer.Law enforcement officers say it was a major success.

"We want to be proactive in our drug investigations. We want to send a clear out message to individuals that we know what to do and we know how to do it," says Posey County Sheriff Greg Oeth.

Detectives say those in custody are serious criminals and this will put a dent in drug trafficking in Posey County.

Officers say the suspects listed below were wanted on drug charges.

  1. Amit Arora, 34
  2. Stevey Emerson, 22
  3. Jeffrey Hopper, 46
  4. Ernest Jones, 58
  5. Jana Jones, 44
  6. Gordon King, 53
  7. Roger Kirk, 59
  8. Edward Lewis, 40
  9. Malissa Linder, 45
  10. Beth Parrish, 31
  11. Donald Pilkington, 52
  12. Tyrone Porter, 21
  13. Monica Powell, 38
  14. William Reynolds
  15. Patricia Ruggeri, 46
  16. John Sigler, 58
  17. Margarent Stanley, 47
  18. Floyd Stewart, Jr., 57
  19. Douglas Waller, 70
  20. Candace Waters, 26
  21. Frederick Freimiller, 63

All suspects will appear in court today.

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