Get Fit: Week 1, stop the sodas

It's time to Get Fit Tri-State.

This is not about losing weight or even counting calories, it's about the food you eat, and how to improve your health.

Here's how it works, each week 14 News, along with the experts from Deaconess Hospital, will propose a pledge. You can accept the pledge on the Get Fit page.

There are also links on the Get Fit page to all sorts of websites that can help you along the way.

14 News will present a pledge each week for 13 weeks.

This week, it's a pledge to eliminate or at least reduce the number of soft drinks you drink in a day for one week.

You might be wondering why we are asking your to ditch the sugary drinks?

Deaconess Health Systems Dietician Debbie Pfeiffer explained to 14 News the dangers of soda.

  • Can increase your risk of heart disease, because the added sugars can increase tryglerides.
  • There may be a link to increasing blood pressure, which is another risk factor for heart disease and stroke.
  • The added sugars you find in these beverages may also increase our cavities, and sodas are acidic, so they can eat away at our tooth enamel.
  • Sodas, sports drinks and lemonade are nothing more than empty liquid calories.

"They are not filling us up," Debbie said. "They are not curbing our appetite. So, when sit down to eat our meal, we are not compensating for extra calories that we get from these kind of beverages."

Debbie suggests that you cut the calories and the risk by substituting with water, diet sodas and unsweetened coffee or tea.  That way you can add your own sugar substitute.

Debbie says water is the best substitute and if that doesn't sound good, try to Debbie's flavoring tricks.

"There's a lot of ways to spice up water. You can cut up lemons. You can cut up limes, oranges, watermelons cucumbers.edit/ It takes on the flavor of those fruits."

If you are pledging to eliminate caffeinated drinks this week, go easy.

If you drink a lot of them in a day, simply reduce the number of soft drinks you drink.

Otherwise you'll likely get headaches, even migraines from the caffeine withdrawal.

Just slowly reduce the drinks.

Don't forget to make your soda pledge on the Get Fit page.

If you stick with the Get Fit pledges for the next 13 weeks, there will be some rewards.

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