Unsolved Crimes: Heather Teague

Unsolved Disappearance-Heather Teague

August 26, 1995

Henderson County, Kentucky

Many years ago, a witness watched through a telescope across the river as a man dragged Heather Teague off Newburgh Beach at gunpoint.

New York retired police Detective Gil Alba came to the Tri-State offering to look into the case free of charge. He says there is more evidence in this cold case than others he's worked and agrees with Kentucky State Police that it appears most of the evidence points to their main suspect Marty Dill.

Dill's Bronco was found at the crime scene, but he killed himself before police could question him. Kentucky State Police continue to follow all leads in this case.

Probably one of the strangest and most publicized unsolved crimes in the Tri-State area is the disappearance of Heather Teague.

23-year-old Heather Teague of Clay, Kentucky was lying out on Newburgh Beach in Henderson County, Kentucky about one in the afternoon August 26, 1995 when a man looking through a telescope across the Ohio River says he witnessed her abduction.

The witness told police Teague was lying on the beach when she was approached by an unknown white man. The witness said the man grabbed Teague by the hair at gunpoint and dragged her into the woods.

Kentucky State Police used search dogs and helicopters to comb the area. They found part of her bathing suit and other evidence suggesting a crime had been committed, but never found her. The man was described as six feet tall weighing between 210 and 230 pounds. He had brown hair and a brown, bushy beard.

He was wearing jeans and no shirt.

In February of 1995, months before the alleged abduction, a man matching that description was pulled over during a routine traffic stop by Evansville Police.

The man pulled over was Marty Dill and in his vehicle police found two guns, two knives, rubber gloves, duct tape, and rope.

Marty Dill's vehicle also matched the description of a vehicle seen next to Teague's vehicle at Newburgh Beach the day of her disappearance.

A red Ford Bronco was captured on tape by a farmer who was making a video in the area investigating farm vandalism.

After numerous phone tips, Kentucky State Police went to question Marty Dill at his home in Henderson County about Teague's disappearance, but detectives say Dill made his wife leave their home in Henderson County and told her the less she knew the better off she was.

Dill killed himself before police could enter the home.

Even after Dill's death, Kentucky State Police detectives brought the evidence they have before a grand jury and made Dill's wife take the stand concerning any evidence she may have concerning the crime. Dill's wife took the fifth amendment and said nothing.

Heather Teague has never been found. More than five years later her mother, Sarah continues to search for her. If you have any information about the disappearance of Heather Teague contact the Kentucky State Police at 1-270-826-3312.