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Concerns arise over animal euthanization in Warrick Co.

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Animal Control complaints are surfacing in Warrick County.

This after the Humane Society says it's receiving reports of a dog still moving inside a bag, dumped into a landfill.

Officials say the complaints came in just a little bit ago.

Witnesses say county animal control officers were disposing of euthanized dogs when witnesses say they saw one of the dogs still moving.

They say when they told Animal control, one officer stated, "I guess we will have to take this one back," and loaded it back into their truck.

"That was so irresponsible on their part.  That is someone who is not paying attention, they obviously did not apply the chemical correctly," says Warrick Humane Society Official Nancy Lybarger.

Marc Toone says he was dumping trash when he saw the two officers unloading the bags.

"I wasn't happy about it, it kinda made me sick, and we were in a down mood the rest of the day," he said.

Toone says he, his co-worker and a landfill employee saw one bag moving.

"It was a panting movement from a dog inside there."

There are currently only two animal control officers for the entire county.

Their offices are in Boonville, inside a 24-by-30 square foot room that shelters animals before they're euthanized.

Officials believe Thursday's complaint is true and it's disheartening.

14 News talked with the Health Department Thursday, they over see Animal Control and say Animal Control Officers are certified and trained to euthanize animals.

Health Department Officials say they don't believe this could have happened but say they are investigating.

14 News will have more on this information as it becomes available.

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