U of E says farewell to Roberts Stadium

On Saturday night, the doors of Roberts Stadium closed for the last time, and the final event was the University of Evansville's President Club Dinner.

From basketball victories to academic successes, Roberts Stadium has been there for the university. President Thomas Kazee says the city of Evansville has truly made the school part of the community.

He says, "There is this sense of ownership that this is their university. We have wonderful institutions of higher ed, but there's something about the University of Evansville, and I think part of that is Roberts Stadium."

Kazee says when planning the president's club dinner, they saw an opportunity for a two-part celebration/remembrance.

"We were looking for a venue that would be distinctive, and memorable, and given that this is the last year for the stadium, it seemed like just the perfect place."

For alums, students and staff, retiring the court where basketballs bounced, crowds cheered, and students received their diplomas, Saturday evening was sentimental.

Men's basketball coach Marty Simmons says he's hoping the good things about their 50 plus year home live on.

"Our hope is that we can bottle up all of the history and tradition of Roberts Stadium, and take it with us to the new Ford Center."

The Aces will play their home opener in the Ford Center in an exhibition game on October 29.

Also, Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel says he will leave it up to the next administration to decide what to do with the stadium.

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