OMHS funds health projects throughout county

Owensboro Medical Health System (OMHS) awarded over $600,000 to 49 regional organizations this year. It's their largest grant benefit yet.

"We're awarding $625,177.92," says CEO Dr. Jeff Barber from OMHS

"We're concerned about the health of the community, concerned about the organizations and want to see those organizations flourish and be successful," he continued.

This grant cycle, OMHS has funded 54 projects in Daviess and surrounding counties including St. Benedict's Homeless Shelter in Owensboro.

About $11,000 will go toward their initiative, "Better Hygiene Equals Better Health."

"The project is geared toward improving the health of the guys who utilize the facility," says  the director of St. Benedicts Shelter, Tammy Leathem.

Leathem says now with cooler weather setting in, volunteers want to help prevent illness.

"When things come through, viruses, flu's, colds things like that, there's just a continuous cycle, and it's usually spread from one to another, including the volunteers."

The money will also go to the shelter's biggest expense, mattresses and bedding.

In McLean County, emergency services received $40,000 for new auto pulse equipment.

Kelly Thurman, McLean County Judge Executive, says the new equipment is helpful.

"We're some 20 miles away from the hospital for most hospital's in our region, and through emergency traffic and winding through rural roads, the time that's lost in those situations can be gained by using this equipment.

OMHS says funding health programs will benefit the entire region.

For a complete list of the programs and organizations who received funding, click here.

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