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EPD: Toddler snatched from mom's arms

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An Evansville woman is in jail after police say she drunkenly took a toddler from a mother's arms.

It happened Thursday afternoon at the Chuckles gas station on Weinbach.

The toddler's mom told police that she was sitting behind the gas station when the suspect, Natalie J. Miller, had come up and told her that her 1-year-old was cute.

According to the EPD affidavit, Miller was intoxicated and asked to hold the kid but the mom said no.

The mom told police that Miller grabbed her daughter out of her arms and wouldn't let go of her.

The mom says that she fought Miller to get the kid back.

Miller bit the side of her neck and her breast during the scuffle, a report stated.

Police say they knew of Miller because she had seven previous public intoxication convictions so they went to her home.

Miller denied the incident but the mom identified her as the assailant.

She was taken to jail and charged with two counts of battery.

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