Taking A Stand: Get Fit

It's a terrible distinction that 14 News and Deaconess Hospital want to correct.

In a recent gallup poll, Evansville was singled as the most obese city in America with a nearly 40-percent obesity rate.

Deaconess Hospital and WFIE have come up with an idea to correct that. It's something we think everyone can handle. We're not asking you to lose weight, we're asking you to get healthy and get fit

Here's how: each week on 14 WFIE News, we'll give you a simple step, like adding a fruit or vegetable to every meal; or not drinking a soda, even diet soda, for a week. All 13 steps will be that simple.

If you manage to accomplish these steps, you can participate in special rewards like a grocery store tour with a Deaconess nutrition expert, or a one on one session with a Deaconess dietitian for your whole family.

Everyone gets a wellness kit that will include health and wellness information, and pedometers.

You can live healthier and we want to help, so join us as we begin this campaign we're calling Get Fit.

It starts September 26.

Just go to our website and sign up on our pledge forms.