Business Marriage on the Rocks

New Media Producer: Brad Maglinger

Marco Bridal owner Debbie Minnis said she couldn't get liability insurance because of the building's structural problems.

Dennis Gensic, who owns the building, issued a statement Tuesday claiming the building was found to be up to code.

"It's a safe building. It's not gonna collapse." That's about all building inspector David Hayes can say about Marco Bridal, because he's on the outside looking in.

Back in September he inspected the shop at Debbie Minnis' request and cited eight problem areas, many of which were fixed later by Gensic.

"I was there the sixth of November and what I could see from the outside met or exceeded the code requirements," Hayes says.

Though Minnis gave a tour of the damage inside earlier this week, she wasn't at the shop last Thursday when Hayes came by. The reason is that a bankruptcy trustee recommended she close the shop the day before.

"I asked them when this inspection supposedly took place, because I am the person who filed the complaint," states Minnis. "And I was told I would be notified when the inspection was done so I could go through the building with them."

Hayes explains, "The ordinance requires the person who takes out the permit is responsible for the work and would know the progress of the work and be the ones that call."

Hayes says he's working with Minnis to find time to inspect what she says is leak and flood damage inside to walls and wood.

Minnis says it's the reason she fell through the window, the reason four banks refused to give her liability insurance and the reason she lost her business.

"It is my belief this building will not pass inspection on the inside," Minnis says.

If the inspector were to find damage inside, it must be determined if the damage was caused by problems outside or inside the building. The lease between Minnis and Gensic states she is responsible for repairs inside the shop.