EVSC move complete in time for school year

EVSC is now all moved into a new administrative building, and just in time for the school year.

This week, EVSC administrators moved their offices from the Civic Center area to their new location at 951 Walnut Street, which will also be the new location for school board meetings.

Construction costs for the building total $7.1 million and renovation included adding a second floor to the warehouse building.

Administrators spent this week moving in and unpacking boxes.

EVSC Communication Officer Marsha Jackson says the new building has more space and is more efficient for district operations.

"Special Education, operations, food service and bus transportations were all in different areas. They were all in different buildings around the city and now we have everybody in the same building."

Jackson says both the old EVSC building and the Special Education building are up for sale.

The week-long move is now complete and business continues as usual.

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