Providence looking to attract more tourists

PROVIDENCE, KY (WFIE) - City officials in Providence, Kentucky, have come up with an idea to bring tourists to the city.

The Pizza Pit in Providence just opened up earlier this year, and manager Laura O'Neal would love anything to give her new restaurant more business.

"It used to be a booming town but it's kind of slowly died and I'd like to see it get back up."

The city is trying to do just that.

Providence Mayor Eddie Gooch says they recently amended a room and restaurant tax that gives 15% of the money collected to the tourism commission.

"The whole concept behind the tax was if we could create events and create activities that would bring people to Providence then maybe they would spend some of their money while they're here."

One of those ideas is bringing a summer collegiate baseball team, much like Dawson Springs and Marion have.  Gooch says it's not certain, but residents could see a new field and providence baseball team here in the next couple years.

"A lot of people really follow these two teams and they turn out for those things."

O' Neal likes the idea.

"They'd come in and eat before or pick up a pizza or stromboli and take it to the game. It'd just improve the whole city."

Part of the tourism dollars may also be going towards city beautification, including maintaining the newly renovated city park, and locations uptown.

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