Changes coming to Warrick Co. Red Cross

Upcoming changes with the Warrick County Red Cross are coming from National Headquarters and have everything to do with the economy and funding.

This week, the community has been concerned that the Warrick County Red Cross will soon close its doors.

Executive Director Rhonda Zuber tells 14 News even with the new changes, the Red Cross will still have a strong presence in the county.

"Like any for-profit companies right now, everybody is experiencing the economic challenges that are ahead and the American Red Cross has always tried to make good use of the donor dollar.  I think what is going on is how to better serve all the residents in all of our communities."

The Warrick County Red Cross chapter dates back to 1917 when Woodrow Wilson was in office.

Plans are still in the works for these changes and a final decision will come from Headquarters by Friday, August 12th.

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