Burglaries on the rise in Owensboro

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - A string of burglaries has some Owensboro businesses wondering if they'll be the next target. Police say there's been at least 19 businesses that have been burglarized in the past month.

On Friday, 14 News caught up with one to see what the burglars are looking for.

Roger Smith and his wife Myrna have owned their House Of Hair Full Service Salon for 42 years. In a matter of hours, 42 years of hard earned money was gone.

"It was Thursday July 8th. The next morning, we walked in and the basement window was busted out. We lost a substantial amount of money," says Roger Smith.

Burglars had ransacked their business.

"It was a sick feeling to lose something that you've worked hard for and my wife said it took a long time just standing behind that chair to earn that money."

It turns out that House Of Hair isn't the only target. Police say there's been at least 19 burglaries at different businesses. Most of those have been located on Owensboro's busiest street, Frederica.

"We look at different evidence that's around the crime scene. They look at different times of day that it occurs and where the locations are. This does happen from time to time even in Owensboro," says Owensboro Police Officer Marian Cosgrove.

If you have any information about these burglaries, call the Owensboro Police Department or The Crime Stoppers Hotline at (270) 687-8888.  A tip leading to an arrest could get you a cash reward.

For more information on how to contact Crime Stoppers, click here.

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