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Tri-State non-profits state their case in car giveaway

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Some local non-profit organizations are in the running to win a free vehicle, and some here in the Tri-State already have.

It's Toyota's "Cars for Good" giveaway, and from here on out, it's all up to you who wins.

Over a period of 100 days, Toyota is giving away 100 cars to non-profit organizations all across the nation.

Here in the Tri-State, three have already won cars, and three are still in the running. Each one of these organizations has different reasons why they need a new set of wheels.

John Hillenbrand, Asst. Executive Director of the Tri-State Food Bank, says his non-profit could use a new car to deliver food.

"The vans pick up at food drives, they pick up at all the local grocery stores, and they transport backpacks to all the schools here in Vanderburgh County.

Eric Girten, Director of St. Mary's community outreach, says his non-profit could use a car to help transport those with medical needs.

"The health access advocates who take the families to doctors appointments if they need to, or appointments for their Medicaid application."

With deadline quickly approaching, each agency says they're reaching out to everyone they can to vote.

"We've talked to our community partners, we've talked to members of our extension health community, other hospitals, we've sent that out actually across the country," says Girten.

"Just contacting as many people as we can Facebook wise and computer wise. We're handing out flyers here constantly on a daily basis," says Hillenbrand.

Brenda Vanderver is the president of PC Pound Puppies in Mt. Vernon. Her non-profit was lucky enough to win.

"As we were watching throughout the day, watching the percentages, it was too good to be true."

Brenda says before the giveaway, volunteers had to drive their own vehicles for rescue missions.

"We really appreciate all the backing we got from everybody all over the country."

Each organization has a designated day for voting. To vote, click here.

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