N. KY woman found buried in boyfriend's back yard in FL

A northern Kentucky woman was found buried in a container in a Clearwater, Florida backyard.

It was behind the house where Shanessa Lynn Chappie was living with her boyfriend, William Routenberg, 35, who admitted to police that he killed Chappie during an argument, and buried her in his backyard.

Shanessa's mother says she went to Florida with a couple of friends to start her life over.

Deputies say William is a convicted sex offender. He is now facing a litany of charges, including first-degree murder.

Police say William enlisted a buddy to help him get rid of Shanessa's body.

Sergeant Tom Nestor with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department says, "He helped him unload the container and take it to the back yard and that's when he saw something. He saw hair with blood in it coming out of the container."

Deputies say William's buddy freaked out, then ran and told them what he'd seen.