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Healthier vending machines coming to Evansville

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People in Evansville now have access to fresh, nutritious and healthy food on the go.

Fresh healthy vending machines are starting to pop up at different locations around Evansville.

Fresh Healthy vending looks just like any other vending machine, but instead of soda and candy, there's items such as yogurt, vegetables and water.

Eric Schmidt of Nitro Fitness says the vending machine offers a healthy alternative to regular snacks.

"It's quick, easy, simple, inexpensive, for a good healthy snack."

The owners at Nitro Fitness say this vending machine benefits everyone who walks through the door, no matter the time of day.

"We are open 24 hour so we try to help our members benefit as much as possible through nutrition."

The machine is new to the gym. It's only been there a few weeks but Schmidt says his members are already taking advantage of it.

"I've noticed we do sell a lot during hours and we also see remnants of what has been purchased afterwards in the mornings sometimes when we come in so it's definitely being used."

The only downfall, he says, is the items are more expensive than what you would find in a regular vending machine.

"Anytime you have a healthier choice, it's going to be just slightly more expensive than just something that's not healthy."

He says from the business aspect, it's been a simple addition.

"I had to pay absolutely nothing. They set it up, brought all the products and then at the end of the month, it actually has a machine that tells you what they sold and then they give me the percent that we agreed upon."

He expects more Evansville businesses to follow suit.

"Anyone that's in business that has a lot of people who come through the doors, it'd be a good healthy choice for them."

Fresh Vending can also be found at the Eastland Mall, Reitz Memorial High School, Evansville Ballet, Walts Drive-a-way and Westside Catholic.

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