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Lighthouse Recovery Program in Oboro receiving a new building

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Owensboro's Lighthouse Recovery Program is now able to expand its services. The substance abuse group is receiving a much needed new building from the Boulware Mission.

The Lighthouse is home to more than 20 people who are trying to rid themselves from substance abuse.

Lighthouse Director Sandy Rich says, "Most of the people we get come from the detention center through the court system, so they have either misdemeanor or felony charges. I've watched mothers become parents to their children again. I've watched children come out of foster care and go back with families. It's just been amazing to watch the light come on in their eyes and finally achieve something."

Lighthouse leaders say the only thing wrong with their program is the size. Rich says the building they are in now is very crowded.

There's currently a 20 person waiting list to get into the facility, but soon, some of those won't have to wait any longer. The Lighthouse is getting the Boulware Mission's old building on Hall Street.

Rich says, "Right now we have 16 men in this facility and that's max. That facility is going to hold between 32 and 35 men. With the Boulware Center, they'll have lot more area to have some privacy."

Lighthouse residents will make the final move by July 1.

With a larger facility, Lighthouse leaders say they need more supplies, especially sheets for beds. If you want to donate contact the Lighthouse at 270-925-1053.

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