The Investigation

Chart of basement magnetic energy activity
Chart of basement magnetic energy activity
Orb floating near front door of the mansion
Orb floating near front door of the mansion
Numerous orbs floating around researcher standing on front lawn of the Carpenter Home
Numerous orbs floating around researcher standing on front lawn of the Carpenter Home

On November 30, 2002, a team of researchers performed a paranormal investigation in the Carpenter Home in Evansville, Indiana. The mansion is now the home of WNIN Public TV 9.

The researchers included William Miller, Leah Francis, Angelica Hawkins, Julian Francis, Tim Harte and Hugh and Connie Wittenbraker.

In addition to the observations of the seven researchers, a Multi-Energy Sensor Array was used in two locations within the home. The images at left include one of the charts generated by the MESA array. The other images are film prints of orbs photographed outside the Carpenter Home. Links to full size images of charts created during the investigation are at left. Full size images of the orbs are available on the main page of this section.

The charts are for one hour time periods each. The basement chart was recorded from approximately 11:30pm-12:20am. The first floor chart was recorded from approximately 1-2am on December 1.

As described by MESA Project members, the base level in nature for magnetic energy activity is approximately two milligauss. In areas where the energy level is 5-8 milligauss, a human will often experience a "creepy" feeling because of the influence of the energy on certain areas of the brain. Above 8 milligauss, the energy level is strong enough to prompt the sensing of a sound, sight or smell. That sense will vary greatly among individuals, based on their brain activity and perhaps even their own personal experiences. Those sensory incidents are called "haunting phenomena".

In the case of the Carpenter Home investigation, all the sensory incidents listed below correspond with spikes of high magnetic energy activity recorded on the MESA array equipment.

Researchers vary on the origin of the magnetic energy activity. Some say the source could be the spirits of the dead. They note that the documented sensory incidents are often accompanied by orb sightings. Other researchers don't make those claims, preferring instead to limit their observations to just the reported and recorded facts until more research can be done into these phenomena.

With that in mind, here are the observations from the Carpenter Home investigation:

11:51pm: Phenomena- Heard a moan in the attic. Orbs followed Billy.

12:14am: Phenomena- Heard footsteps on the stairs on the 2nd floor. Billy, Julian, Angelica, Hugh and Connie.

1:35am: Phenomena- Heard noises and saw a shadow in the basement hallway, everyone was in the conference room at the time. Angelica.

4:40am: Phenomena- Heard a door shut. No source was found. Leah, Angelica.

Summation: Upon our investigation of WNIN studios, we have gathered enough evidence to suggest paranormal activity. The charts, photos and audio all indicate the above. Many digital and 35mm photos contain orbs.