Weight Loss Hype?

Web Producer: Brad Maglinger

In the South Beach Diet, you don't have to count calories, carbs or fat grams. You don't even have to measure anything. What you do have to do is learn that in every food category, there are good choices and bad ones.

It's day 16 for three employees of Welborn Clinic who agreed to try the South Beach Diet. They've just come off Phase One that lasted two weeks and restricted them to these high protein foods.

Phase One means all starches and sugars are off limits. Dieter Kelly Bowman says she didn't miss the starch so much as she did her morning glass of orange juice.

Kelly bowman: "I have to be to work at 7 a.m.," says Bowman. "I'm not going to get up an hour earlier just to fix me breakfast. There's not a lot of things you can take with you on the go."

Registered dietitian Ann Freyberger explains, "The first time you restrict anybody from anything, what are they going to want? What you restricted them from and that's not something you can do life-long."

The dietitian says she's not real crazy about Phase One because it's too much like the Atkins diet.

Unlike Atkins, during Phase Two of the South Beach Diet, you're allowed to start eating some starches, but only the good kind, like whole wheat and bran.

Then during Phase Three, you just focus on a healthy balanced diet. If you start gaining weight again, it's back to Phase One.

It's during Phase One that you're supposed to lose up to 13 pounds.

Linda Doerflein only lost four pounds, co-worker Amy Phelps lost seven, and Kelly lost five pounds.

Add that to the 29 pounds Kelly has lost in the last six months through good nutrition and exercise. A diet she says she's more likely to follow.

"I actually like doing my own thing better than the South Beach Diet because I would still like to, once every couple of weeks, have a meal I would like to have," says Kelly Bowman.

That's why Freyberger warns against restriction diets. She says the South Beach plan can work, but probably not for everyone. She explains, "Everybody is individually different. So, you have to find your niche and whatever you can stick with, that is good for you."

The diet really pushes water and you're supposed to drink eight glasses a day. What you can't have is alcohol, not even beer or wine.

All three of the dieters say they thought the diet would give them a good jump start, but none of them though they could stay on it for life.