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Sandbag removal deadline approaching in Evansville

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Officials have issued advice in Evansville and Vanderburgh County on how to get rid of your used sandbags.

If you live in Evansville, call the street maintenance department at 435-6000 by May 20.

Once you place the call, the department will send someone out to your house to look at how many sandbags you have.

Then at a later date, they will come by and pick them up from in front of your house.

If you aren't physically able to move your sandbags, officials suggest you contact the Vanderburgh County EMA.

The Vanderburgh County Highway Department is taking care of sandbag removal for county folks.

If you have sandbags out in the county that need to be removed, call them at 435-6000.

You will need to be ready to tell them about how many you have and where they are on your property.

The highway department is also asking that residents place their sandbags at the front of their home because they cannot drive their heavy-duty equipment into residents' yards.

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