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No official decision has been made to blast levee


Maj. Gen. Michael Walsh, President of the Mississippi River Commission with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, says no official decision has been made to enact the Bird's Point-New Madrid Floodway plan and blast the Bird's Point levee.

But the Maj. Gen. says they are one step closer to a decision as the barge carrying explosives was stationed in Hickman and moved to Wickliffe.

He announced the decision at a press conference in Sikeston on Saturday afternoon around 5 p.m.

The plan calls for the operation of the floodway though explosives, only when stages reach 58 feet at Cairo with a forecast of stages to exceed 60 feet.

The Mississippi River system has never been under this kind of pressure before, according to the Corps.

The plan is to explode two sections to the south 24-hours after blasting one to the north.

"We will give as much notice as possible," says the Corps of Engineers. They say it may be "less than 24 hours."

They are stressing that every asset and tool is being used to keep from having to blow the levee

The spillway is already evacuated. People there were ordered to leave around 4 p.m. Friday. No one has been allowed back in.

The blast will send water in thousands of acres of farmland. Around 100 homes are in the spillway affecting about 300 residents.

General Peabody with the Corps out of Cincinnati says this is "a historic floodfight," and said "Folks this is the largest flood we'll see in our history, I hope." "We could win or lose the fight by inches."

He also said that local authorities would cover evacuations if that time would come.

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