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Volunteers work overnight sandbagging at Lake Wappapello

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Volunteers spent Wednesday night and Thursday morning sandbagging at the Lake Wappapello spillway.

Dump trucks are building a rock dike that will slow the water from inching it's way to the emergency spillway.

The Army Corps of Engineers expects the water to reach 396.6 feet at the spillway on Saturday.  The above what the emergency spillway can hold at 394.75 feet.

With the rock dike and sandbags at the edge of the spillway, the Corps does not expect the water to go over the spillway.

There is also a possibility that the Lake Wappapello water level may overflow the emergency spillway, according to the Poplar Bluff Police Department.

If it were to run over, Hwy. T would be covered with water. 

Hwy. T was closed down Wednesday.  An alternate route in Butler County is County Road 514 and in Wayne County the same road is called County Road 517.  It's also called the old Iron Bridge Road.

The utilities down water from the spillway are not expected to be effected.

About 200 volunteers have put in several hundred hours to try to prevent the water from rising.

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