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Levee breaches in Stoddard and Scott County

levee break at Caney Basin Dam (Source: Laura Wibbenmeyer) levee break at Caney Basin Dam (Source: Laura Wibbenmeyer)
levee breach (Source: Bill Knoderer) levee breach (Source: Bill Knoderer)

There has been a levee breach in Scott County. It's at the Lower Caney Basin Dam, southern side. It's flooding crops, no homes in the Perkins area.  Farmers say they've never seen this much water flowing through the levee.

"We've had some breaches but the levee has never burst like it did today," said farmer Glenn Nothdurft.  " It doesn't make sleeping at night go too well but it's something you live with."

The Jenkins Basin Levee in Stoddard County has breached, according to Dale Moreland, the public information officer for Stoddard County Emergency Management.

This is a levee for the Little River Drainage District.  The breach is about 40 feet wide northeast of Bell City.  The breach happened about 8 am Tuesday morning and the breach continues to get wider and deeper.

This could affect Shady Dell, Bell City, and Cline's Island.

Dale Moreland says officials strongly suggest everyone in Circle City to evacuate.  Officials did a fly over and say the town is surrounded by water.

Bell City has let out school because of the breach.

Moreland says right now, it seems to be flooding into fields.

The old gym at the Scott County Central School has been set up as a shelter for those evacuating.

Also, the Ffirst General Baptist Church in Advance is offering itself up as a shelter. There will be food and shelter.

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