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Big Muddy River levee leak being sandbagged

There is a small leak in the levee that officials say is being sandbagged.

Officials from the Grand Tower Levee District discovered a small leak in a pipe under the Big Muddy River levee near Howardton Rd. in Grand Tower.

In consultation with the Jackson County Emergency Management Agency, the Illinois Emergency Agency, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans were implemented to temporarily plug the leak with sandbags.

The sandbagging operation began at approximately 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon and is expected to be completed within several hours.

An engineer form the U.S. Corps of Engineers is en route to the site from St. Louis to assess the situation.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency approved funding for contractors to begin emergency repairs as soon as possible. These repairs may begin as early as Monday.

At this time there is no eminent threat of flooding resulting from the leak.

Recent and predicted heavy rains continue to raise the levels Big Muddy and Mississippi Rivers in Jackson County. Officials are monitoring the situation and preparing for any potential threats to county residents.

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